Thursday, March 12, 2009

my thoughts on my first Blackberry, the Curve 8900

So today is March 12th, which means I have now owned my Blackberry Curve 8900 for a month. Now its time to tell my likes and dislikes about my first Blackberry. Overall I absolutely love it and all my complaints I consider minor. The phone is sexy, slim, and the UI is sleek and fast. I mainly got this phone because I've always wanted to try a Blackberry, and I wanted something that will easily handle all my email accounts on the go. I didn't realize how popular Blackberries were until I got mine. On my trip to NY last weekend I swear I saw over 30 Blackberries. I mostly saw older models, a few storms, and plenty Bold 9000's. However, I didn't see anyone with my 8900. Every person who sat next to me on the flight to NY, and back to Nashville was rocking a Blackberry. Coincidence? Maybe. But here is what I love and hate about the Blackberry 8900.

Love about my Blackberry :)

1. Near push email to Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL
2. Apps improve the functionality of the phone (you can learn something here apple!)
3. Hands down the most customizable phone I have ever owned
4. Best IM messenger apps I've had since my Sidekick
5. Its a true smartphone, I'm a huge shortcuts fan
6. 3.2mp takes nice pics, best I've had on a mobile phone. I never really cared about camera's on my cell until I discovered twitpic
7. The Blackberry community is extremely helpful, specifically at which is a lot more than I can say for the assholes I encountered at while I was thinking of getting a G1.
8. Bedside mode is a genius move by RIM. Bedside mode kills the flashing LED light so you can sleep go to sleep peacefully.
9. The phone starts up in 7 secs! I've never seen a phone do this before.
10. Standby mode is another genius move by RIM. In standby you kill the battery usage of the phone while maintaining the ability to receive emails, SMS messages, IM, etc. which really saves battery power at the end of the day.

Hate about my Blackberry :(

1. I really wish when I reply to an email or SMS I could have a small arrow pointing backwards to let me know I replied
2. Can't save apps to media card
3. Can't download files over 2.7mb. I"m in the audio industry, I have clients send me audio files all the time and it would helpful to download these files on the go and here them.
4. The keyboard is just a lil too small for me, I often hit wrong keys but I will get use to it. I think I would enjoy the feel of a 9000 better since its bigger
5. Poor support for Macs, All I own is Macs and its sad that I can't even upgrade my OS without a PC.
6. Poor youtube quality, the 8900 screen is beautiful, just not when a youtube video is playing
7. RIM really needs a much improved notification system for alerts. Android has a great notification system as well as the Palm pre. Even my hated with a passion windows mobile phone did a good job of notifications.
8. No 3G. This for most people is #1, but I"m in Nashville and we don't have 3G anyway, but it would be nice to have it on the phone.
9. Can't add MMS pics to contacts, this seems like it would be a no brainer option for receiving a pic by MMS. Instead you have to save the pic, then go to pic, open it, and then save the pic to a contact.
10. You can only add two email addresses per contact, I have some contacts with more than 2 email addresses so I have to make two contacts for 1 person.


  1. I just got a BB Storm. I can't believe I lived this long without a BB....

  2. You can actually add more than two emails. Just when editing an contact hit the menu button and it'll say add email address.

  3. peace.

    curious to know your thoughts on the iPhone, this was insightful.

    I am currently going no contract T-Mobile iPhone route. Google voice for free outgoing calls, and SMS. Edge web. i see u talk 2 way gadgets too. might be kinda cool on some vintage ish.. even the Talkabout.

    dope blog. peace


  4. I was very close to getting an Iphone til I realized it would cost me more to swit to AT&T. There plans were much higher than what I pay now on tmobile and I would've gotten less mins. Just wasn't worth it to me. I got an Ipod touch instead. my main gripe on the iphone is no keyboard, I have to have a keyboard. And the iphone doesn't multitask or has shortcuts to jump around the phone. These are features I'm use to from using sidekicks and blackberry.