Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my Nexus One Review (T-mobile)

Nexus one review

So I gave into the temptation and purchased a nexus one from google at full price. Switching from a blackberry 8900 to the Nexus one was a huge leap. As the only android phone running 2.1 right now overall I have been pleased with the switch, though trading my blackberry keyboard for a full touch screen device hasn't been the most fun, but the extra screen space is welcomed. If I had the describe the Nexus one in one word it would be "fast". The 1ghz snapdragon processor allows the phone to move, respond, and react with incredible speed. I compared the acccelometer of my first gen ipod touch to the nexus and the nexus rotates in about a sec, the ipod touch 2-3 secs. though many things bug me about the nexus one so far, none of which I would consider as deal breakers. Here is a list of Pros and Cons IMO. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a "superphone" like Google does, but its definitely the best Android phone you can get on T-mobile's network. Overall I'm happy with the phone. If the Nexus had the email capabilities of a blackberry, and media capabilities of an Ipod touch, I could use this as an all in one device


  • android 2.1 (latest and greatest android OS)
  • fast and never slows down
  • universal search
  • gesture search (android 2.1 only)
  • youtube (best mobile youtube app)
  • google maps
  • syncs data in OTA
  • sold directly from google (this means the Nexus One will be get anything new Google does first. Apps, updates, services, etc)
  • plenty apps (largest app store behind the Iphone)
  • gorgeous display

  • loses 3G connectivity frequently even after update to fix
  • no copy and paste of text in Gmail app ( 2nd biggest FAIL on my con's)
  • no copy and paste while viewing a contact (you have to go into edit contact to copy a phone number, email, etc.)
  • no call button, which means no redial
  • when I go in my call log sometimes it places me in the middle, so I have to scroll all the way just to redial last number
  • can't import .vcf files (I think there is an app to do it, but you have to save the file to the SD card first)
  • can't share apps with friends from the android marketplace (again you have to app to do this, should be built into the OS)
  • poor handling of 3rd party emails (my yahoo email does not check for new mail as it should and deleted email show up as unread next day)
  • poor battery life (no surprise here, all android phones suck in this department)
  • can't assign default Gmail (I have four Gmail accts set up on this phone and when I click an email link it sends from the last one I had open)
  • can't change which Gmail account emails are sent from once email is created (the last con wouldn't be that if I could touch and change what account the message would be sent through like you can on a blackberry)
  • no multi touch on keyboard (Iphone has this and it really makes typing on a touchscreen a more enjoyable experience)
  • no google tasks syncing in google calendar (its in the web app? why isn't it mobile)
  • screen is absolutely unviewable outside
  • Gmail messages don't show up in my inbox sometimes until refresh (biggest FAIL in my cons)
  • no multicolor trackball notifications
  • sometimes touching in a spot in the text field to place cursor back there does not repsond )very frustrating when you texting and need to make corrections)