Saturday, April 25, 2009

patiently waiting for more Android

T-mobile quietly hit the 1 million sold mark on its flagship HTC G1 this week. This means 1 million people are currently experiencing the google Android software on their phones. But if your like me your wondering where are the "other" Android phones companies keep promising? Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC all say they having Android phones coming soon. Well six months after the birth of Android we still have just the G1. The HTC Magic was introduced at Mobile World Congress this year which will be the second Android phone released. Its currently only available in the UK starting May 5, though a soon US launch is rumored. More exciting to me is the fact that Android is currently being tested on sub notebooks. I would love to get my hands on a 8-10 inch android sub notebook for taking notes at school and around the house web browsing. Due to my hatred for microsoft windows operating system I refuse to purchase a PC. If an Android sub notebook or a under $1,000 apple sub notebook hits the market I'm ready to spend money. But once again we are still hit the "coming soon" title when companies are asked about these Android products. I know some companies are letting t-mobile be the first out the gate in fear that Andriod might flop and bow to the Iphone, but with over 1,000,000 units sold and the HTC Magic rumored to be on its way to the US Android is off to a good start. So when will we see a flood of Android products hit the market? 2009? 2010? 2011? leave your answer in the comments

Whats the best way to communicate with friends without calling?

In the year 2009 we have many different ways of contacting each other. We can text, instant message, email, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and for Blackberry users you even got BBM and PIN messaging. Social networking sites have become one of the most popular ways to communicate since text messaging now that so many smart phones have built in social networking apps. With these sites also available in a mobile version through WAP browsers on some phones, you can always stay in the loop. So lets break down these different ways to communicate without calling someone.

1) Text message- coming onto the scene in the late 90's text messaging in my opinion is the most used form of of non verbal communication because everybody has a cell phone. If you can say it in 160 characters then type it and send it.

2)Instant Message- When I came on the IM scene it was all about yahoo and aol. Now Google in its quest to take over the world is dominating the game with its unique Gmail service and Google Talk messenger. Instant Messaging is great for fluid thread based conversations.

3) email- this is my favorite form of non verbal communication, especially when you pair it with push email on a blackberry. Your not limited to words like an SMS, and with services like Gmail, you can attach a 20MB file. Other email service providers lets you attach 10MB. Emails also keeps a threaded convo and can be viewed from online anywhere with an internet connection. Email is the second largest form of non verbal communication to me because almost everyone has an email address.

4) Facebook & Myspace- I will put these in the same category since they are basically the same thing. Out of the two I prefer facebook because of no spam. These two social networking sites have been hot this decade, but I see people texting or emailing someone before they go through the process of sending a facebook or myspace message. However if you didn't have an email or mobile number for someone, facebook or myspace would be the next best option.

5) twitter- last but surely not least is the new team stepping in the game of social networking called twitter. Twitter came on the scene in 2006 and has really made a name for itself in 2008. Twitter in my opinion would be the third largest form of non verbal communication for two reasons: 1 its quick, you can easily tweet from your mobile phone, mobile app, or the site itself. 2 it reaches a wide number quicker. With twitter a message is emailed to you and if you have device updates on it will send it to you by SMS. Myspace sends you an email, but due to their greediness of wanting people to visit the site, the message is not displayed in the email. To retrieve the message you have to log into the site which is very annoying to me. Facebook lets you see the message in the email, but twitter steps it up by allowing you to reply to the SMS, which gives it a step on facebook and myspace to me.

So my question to all of you is what is your favorite form of non verbal communication? reply in the comments