Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 things android is still missing

While I am impressed with android 4.2, and mostly everything I complained about or wished for was added in gingerbread and ice cream sandwich, there are still 3 things I can’t believe Google has not added. These are the three biggest things Android is missing to me.

  1. Native Tasks- with google now being a major feature in android now it is pretty lame that reminders are set by the alarm clock and not a native tasks app. Especially since google tasks is still a part of google calendar. Google now showing me my tasks seems more important to me than how many miles I’ve walked or random people birthday’s from google plus I’ve added.
  2. creating offline docs in google drive- I’d love to use my Nexus 7 as a note taking device, and have them sync when I connect to wifi. Sadly I can’t create a document while offline in google drive. Evernote lets me do this. And because of that it is my go to note taking app. I’ve heard that Chromebooks allow you to create offline docs.
  3. controlling google music from external device - Since the launch of google music I rarely open my Itunes anymore. With more and more people now owning multiple android devices its a shame I can’t control my google music in the browser from my phone or tablet. Or use my tablet as a music player and my phone as a remote. Nexus Q started to head in this direction but for the price of a nexus Q I could get 3 airport expresses from apple and do the same thing as far playing music. Though my first gen ipod touch battery barely holds a charge and the ⅛ inch jack no longer works, its still a great remote for itunes and my apple tv. The Sonos system looks nice but would a lot easier on my wallet if google would just make a native remote app.