Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who won E3 2009?

So Who Won E3? As much as I hate them, my vote goes to Microsoft. Here is how I rank the companies in at E3 this year

1. Microsoft
2. Sony
3. Nintendo
Lets go go from the bottom up.

Nintendo had the boring press conference at E3. They showed off wii motion plus, which they also showed last year, which did nothing for me. Wii Fit Plus was announced and really didn't seem like a plus. A new Mario game and Super Mario Galaxy was announced. Just what the world needs right, two more Mario games. Since the Wii's release in 2006 we have not seen my man Link get any love except for on Smash Bros. No Legend of Zelda announced for wii really pissed me off. Zelda is the main reason I roll with Nintendo. The wii's newest accessory was shown off and will be a sensor that will detect your pulse, how cool is that! I wish I was wearing one while watching Nintendo's press conference so I could know how close I was to dieing from boredom. Metroid M was given a very brief look and is scheduled for a 2010 release. Metroid Prime 3, next to Zelda Twilight Princess, has been to best game I have played for wii, so this was a big announcement, and the few seconds they showed was jaw dropping. Nintendo seemed to focus on DS gaming a lot. I don't own a DS, therefore I really didn't care for the DS part, tho I didn't notice DS is getting a new Zelda game, why not wii?

Its no secret that Sony has taken a major blow financially since the release of the PS3. Earlier this year Sony reported a loss of a billion dollars and the way its looking now they might be in the negative for a billion dollars next year. I respect Sony for holding their head high as they make it seem that everything is going according to plan. The PSP Go was announced as no big surprise, but at $250 I wonder how well it will sell. Sony motion capture controller was impressive, but no match what Microsoft unveiled. Sony ended their press conference with God of War 3, which we all knew was coming and wasn't a surprise.

Hands down Microsoft killed it! Where to begin? How about with the new features in Xbox Live! Facebook,, and Twitter will be coming soon to Xbox Live, and a new feature that lets you and your friends watch videos together. Netflix instant que will now be available from the xbox instead of just your PC or Mac. I use to complain about Xbox Live costing money because I feel that online gaming should be free. But when you take a look at online gaming Xbox Live clearly gives you the best online gaming experience. Project Natal, which is Microsoft's motion capture hardware, straight blew me away. I haven't been that amazed by a gadget since Apple showed off the Iphone for the first time. The future of gaming is moving into the motion capture world that Nintendo and the wii started. Another surprise Microsoft threw us was no other than the infamous Metal Gear Solid announced for Xbox 360. No snake, no problem for me, as long as its Metal Gear. I don't mind taking Raiden on another adventure. Everything Microsoft announced was thumbs up, looks like the Xbox 360 will have another solid year this year.