Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my 3 favorite gadgets

On my way back to Nashville from Albany today my flight was delayed. Luckily I had my 3 favorite gadgets to keep me company: macbook, ipod touch, and blackberry 8900. Since I do a lot of audio work the macbook is a must for me. Loaded with Logic Studio, M-powered pro tools 7.4, and Reason 4, I'm always able to work on audio tasks on the go. Though the app store has taken a nose dive to me, the Ipod touch still remains on my top list. I have tried to use my t-mobile shadow and my blackberry for media, but they just didn't cut it. When it comes to media, nothing handles it like an ipod. The ipod touch has a beautiful screen thats great for viewing movies, podcasts, and even youtube videos. Other mobile devices I try to view youtube on (ex blackberry) the quality is very poor. The Ipod gives me desktop quality and the best youtube experience I have seen on a mobile device. My blackberry is the newest gadget I have acquired recently and I love it. My last phone was a windows mobile phone which I grew to hate more and more each month I owned it, but thats another blog. When it comes to email, nothing handles it like a blackberry, and with yahoo, gmail, and AOL now getting near push email service to blackberries its only getting better. Though the user interface isn't user friendly to me (took me half a day just to figure out how to change the ringtone) I still love the blackberry and learn more about it the more I play with it. I was real close to getting an Iphone but decided to hold out for t-mobile to drop the blackberry 8900 and I"m glad I did.

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